Back, blogging, best wishes

I know, four subscribers, I know: You’re absolutely furious at me for having largely ignored my travel blog for 15 months. “How could you be so selfish, Ivy?” The four of you might say, “Uhh, I was a little busy.”

I graduated in May from the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State University, and landed an internship at a newspaper near my hometown. I traveled a bit my senior year (New York City, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Sedona, the Grand Canyon and Boulder, Colo.), and always thought, “Man, I should really be updating my travel blog.” Those thoughts were overshadowed by, “Man, I should really be doing my homework,” and eventually, “Man, my senioritis is really acting up. I should go take a nap.”

Now that I’m back in southern Arizona and have no friends, I think it’s time to give this thing another go. If not for you, then to soothe the guilt I feel everytime I look at my LinkedIn profile and see, “Blogger: 2009 – present”.

You four have waited more than a year to read about my experiences in Europe. The recap of adventure is still coming, but I’m no longer going to copy my diary word-for-word, it’s all a bunch of inside jokes that even I have trouble remembering the basis behind.

I’ll also be writing a review on the town where I now live, mostly because of this barbecue place I tried and absolutely NEED to spread the word about.

Anyway, keep checking in, I promise I won’t be gone for 15 months again… perhaps just 14 this time.


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