Crooked Tooth Brewing Co., Tucson

Tucson, a haven for craft beer, welcomes a new brewery


I’m a beer lover.

When we came back from Spain and Portugal this past September, I quickly dashed to the nearest bar at the airport where we had our layover, desperate for an ice-cold craft brew. It was probably one of the best beers I’ve ever had, considering I had spent weeks drinking Cruzcampo and Super Bock.

There are many things that the Spanish and the Portuguese do well—I did not find beer to be one of them.

Luckily, I live in a craft beer haven where a new local brewery opens approximately every half hour. The most recent being Crooked Tooth Brewing Co.

Crooked Tooth Brewing Co., in Tucson

Walk in and take a seat—the space is masculine, with exposed-edge Mesquite bar tables (as well as the actual bar), lots of metal, leather couches and a couple taxidermied animals.

The bar at Crooked Tooth Brewing Co., with beer names written on skateboards.

When I first visited, I hoped those animals would answer: “Why is this place called Crooked Tooth?”

I analyzed the mouth of each. Elk? A gaping mouth that my mother would yell at. Ram? A stern expression.

I figured it out later, when I checked their Facebook page: “Our mantra is like a crooked tooth, a mole, a lazy eye, as in ‘be yourself and relish in what makes you different, don’t alter who you are to conform to society but stand out.’”


Back to the beer.


There are six taps, and the rotation is updated here. If you’re confused about which you’ll like, get a flight (it comes on a skateboard!) or ask the bartender—they’re always willing to help. When I visited most recently with friends, I tried out a pint of Crooked Tooth’s 18 Hour IPA, which was easy to order another pint of.

But, here’s the thing—I haven’t been able to find a beer that I crave from here, yet. Each time we’ve visited, I try a variety of pints, but none have been The Best—as in, it’s the best hefeweizen or IPA in town. And maybe that’s because those are my two favorite styles of beers and I’ve already found The Best of each (Pueblo Vida’s hefeweizen; Dragoon’s IPA). Does that make sense? Perhaps I should try their pale ale and that will be The Best, or maybe their amber?

Do you have any recommendations?

Oh, one other thing to know. There’s a “secret” hangout spot at Crooked Tooth that I recently discovered. My friends and I went for a big bar table inside, garage-door windows opened to the 70-degree December day in Tucson (life is hard here).


But, take a look around


Just a bit further. Yup, right up ahead.


And you’ll find the outdoor beer garden, filled with picnic tables and games under a bright blue sky, with a great view of Sentinel Peak. I’d been to Crooked Tooth three times before and genuinely had no idea it was back there.

Who knows, maybe my visits to Crooked Tooth are like that patio. The Best beer has been on tap the whole time, I just need to do a bit more discovery/drinking to find it.

Visit Crooked Tooth Brewing Co. at 228 E. 6th St. (give ’em a call at 520-403-2721, if you’re lost). They’re open Wednesday, 3–10pm; Thursday, 3pm–midnight; Friday and Saturday, noon to midnight; Sunday, noon to 8pm; closed Monday and Tuesday.

What’s your favorite brewery in Tucson?

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